Sunday, July 29, 2012

ALMOST DONE! (no lie.)

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since the last update went out, so we want to rectify that by giving you some exciting news.

We have a new total.

We are very close to finishing the fundraising required ($13,000) to get a traveling date for Rosalie to a service dog.

We will be done fundraising for the dog once we have a little more money raised.

We can and hope to be done fundraising within the next few weeks (dare we even wish for the end of July?).

So, please pass this news on to your friends and family.  Pass this news on to anyone who hasn't donated yet, neighbors, grocery store clerks, exercise buddies, whomever you come across.


Here's our latest...

Can you believe it?

We are $1,249.28 away from being DONE!

If everyone on our Facebook group donated just $1.62 we would be DONE.  Or, if 50 people donated $25.00 we would be finished.  That's it.

So please, the sooner the better.  Don't put it off.  Donate today.  Share this news today.  Get the word out.  This is important.  No money, no traveling date.  No traveling date, no dog.

Help us out just a little bit more!

Follow the links on the top or side of this post, and donate in honor of Rosalie Jewett.

We need one more push!

Thanks for checking in, and be sure to share and pass this on :D  Every bit counts!