Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Fundraise?

There are many organizations out there that provide "free" service dogs. You may be wondering why we are not using one of those agencies.

There is not such thing as a free service dog. Someone pays for the raising and training of these dogs.

One of the main reasons 4 Paws For Ability uses fundraising is so that communities all across the country can be tapped into for funds for service dogs. Most other agencies rely on professional fundraisers that only fundraise in a limited area. For this reason, wait times to receive a service dog are vastly longer (2-6 years) than at 4 Paws (We're looking at 15-18 months).

It costs $22,000 to raise and train a service dog. We have committed to raising $13,000 for 4 Paws for Ability. The contribution to 4 Paws is what qualifies Rosalie to receive a service dog. 4 Paws makes sure the other $9,000 is raised for each service dog.

We are committed to helping 4 Paws cause. 4 Paws is committed to helping Rosalie and people like her live a more fulfilled and independent life.

Rosalie will receive her travel date to go and get her dog only AFTER $13,000 has been raised for 4 Paws. This travel date will be 11 months AFTER we are done fundraising.

Won't you consider donating TODAY? in honor of Rosalie Jewett

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