Saturday, June 16, 2012

Full Swing! and TOTAL $$ Raised!

Here we go!  It's the second day of the Fundraising Extravaganza for 4 Paws For Rosalie, and we're super excited about the results and the day to come.  (If you read to the bottom, you'll also see how much we've raised so far!)

Yesterday we had a HUGE turnout to the event, and all parts of the fundraiser were busy pretty much the whole time.  At the cash out stand for the Garage Sale, there was almost always a line of people waiting to check out, and for the most part, once they heard about where the money was going to, they were willing to donate a few more dollars to the cause!  But don't worry, if you weren't able to come to the sale yesterday, there's STILL tons of great treasure to look through... you seriously don't want to miss it!  I overheard one person saying that it was like looking through a small thrift store (which is true), but that the prices were better (which is also true!).  I mean, c'mon, clothes for 25 cents unless otherwise marked!  How can you get a better deal?

And the Bake Sale... don't even get me started... well, you already have--there are SO MANY great things baked up, that it's made ME pull out my wallet more than once.  I won't divulge how many Bake Sale items I digested, but let's just say that I was quite jealous of a friend who snagged a $12 Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie before me.  Very jealous indeed.  Again, still tons of goodies to go around.  One of my favorites were the Rice Crispies... they were actually on sale at the check out table in the Garage Sale area, and more than a few people decided to go for the add-on.  All for a good cause!

Thankfully yesterday's weather cooperated for the Car Wash, and today promises to be great too!  The workers were sending cars away squeaky clean and shiny, mine had to wait till today for that TLC, but I know that no matter who is in charge over there I'll get stellar service.

One last part of the event was super tempting to just about everyone... the Hot Dogs smelled amazing, and Italian Sodas came with sprinkles!  How can you resist?  More people were seen with one or the other than not.  What a blessing!

Everyone's excited about what's to come today, but before we head over there, we have an update for you on the total money raised at yesterday's part of the event!

From all parts of the Fundraising Extravaganza (Garage Sale, Car Wash, Bake Sale, Hot Dogs, and Italian Sodas) we raised...


Wow, can you believe it?  That's so amazing!  We started out with a little over a thousand in donations before the event, and we filled in the Goal Thermometer yesterday according to the totals we were getting from Shawna's count-up.  But $4,367.90 from the event ALONE?!  What a HUGE blessing!  We want to see that thermometer blow past the top total, and we can only do it with YOUR HELP!

Come down to Trinity Baptist Church in Renton and check us out!

We have only high hopes for today, so come out and support 4 Paws For Rosalie!

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