Sunday, June 17, 2012

HUGE Success!

Hello again!

Whew... what a weekend!  We think that the event was a GINORMOUS SUCCESS!  I'm thinking that everyone involved with the Fundraising Extravaganza (whether it was Garage Sale, Car Wash, Bake Sale, Hot Dogs, or Italian Sodas) is probably just as wiped out as I am... and if not, then you need to tell me what energy supplement you're taking! :D

First of all, before we reveal the grand total raised for the weekend and the current running total, we want to THANK all of you who helped, donated items, donated time, or just came and shopped.  We really really REALLY appreciate the support, and we couldn't have done it without you.

[Photo Credit HERE]
There are a few people who deserve a special 'mention' because they put in a lot of extra time, so be sure to thank them along with us for all their hard work:

  • Megan Charvet for heading up the Garage Sale
  • Eric and Rachel Anderson for heading up the Car Wash
  • Susan Phillips for heading up the Bake Sale
  • Peter Larsen for heading up the Hot Dogs and Italian Sodas

We know that they had lots of help too, but these guys organized and planned so much of the event to make it a lot smoother and less stressful for the Jewett family--thank you again!

In case you missed both days of the event, we have to tell you the truth and admit that you missed an AMAZING couple of days!  There were lots of shoppers getting great deals, and happy faces all around, whether they had just come from the Car Wash or Hot Dog stand, or even if they left the Garage Sale or Bake Sale with a bag of goodies.  So many people came to shop but ended up donating more than what needed to be paid for--WE SALUTE YOU!  The donations really added up, and we're not gonna lie, we love the kind of people that just DONATE!

One highlight of from Saturday was when a couple brought their RV to the Car Wash for a Round #2 of the Fundraiser (they'd already had their other car washed and done some shopping).  The car washers did an extraordinary (and dangerous) job:

Yikes!  This was by FAR the biggest vehicle we washed... and probably the most interesting.  But there were other interesting tidbits going on around the sale... like temporarily selling out all the Hot Dogs... or getting a surprise donation of an electric guitar (a nice one too!) to sell... or the customer who bought ALL of the mocha brownies from the Bake Sale (ALL of them)!

YUP, we had a good time... but...

Fine!  Okay, okay, I know what you've been waiting for... You want to know what the total was for the TWO DAY event... you already read the other blog post, and you're anxious about how close we're getting to being done.  Well, the TOTAL monies raised from the FUNDRAISER are...

Drumroll please...

Keep drumming...

HERE! >>>>>

HOLY GUACAMOLE!  Isn't that A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Shawna's dream goal was around $6,000 for the event, and she really didn't want to plan another big event, so this total is an absolute BLESSING!  And now, we have the current TOTAL for all donations made before/ after the fundraiser so far...

We're so close to the goal of $13,000 to get Rosalie a service dog!  We're really hopeful that with your help and a little more work, we'll be done with the fundraising soon (like end of July hopefully) so the Jewett family can get their travel date sooner and start utilizing their dog for Rosalie when she really needs it! Keep praying for a speedy finish to the fundraising...

Thanks again to everyone who helped!

Until next time... stay classy!

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