Monday, August 5, 2013

We Met Bomber Today!

Well... everyone has been in bed since about 8:20. I'd say that is evidence of a good day! :-)

After a nice breakfast at the hotel, we headed to 4 Paws at 9 am this morning. I'm embarrassed to admit that I got a little lost on the way even though we had scouted it out on Saturday. I rarely get lost so that added to my embarrassment. We still arrived with time to spare.

When we got there, we went looking in the crates for Bomber but he was out exercising. Rosalie was very happy to go around and meet her other class members and their families. She was in a good mood and very interactive. She went up to anyone and everyone to point her finger in their face to say, "Hi."

When Bomber finally came back to his crate, Rosalie was already pretty overdone. I started to be concerned that she was going to have a seizure soon from being too overwhelmed. I am pleased to say she didn't have a seizure until after bed time tonight!

Next, Jeremy (head trainer) introduced himself. He talked for a bit about 4 Paws and what we are going to be doing over the next 12 days. Honestly, some of what he said is a blur. Some stuff I already knew and the rest was just informative about general things. He also talked about how to help the kids bond with the dogs.

Then, the moment we've been waiting on for 19 months. The dogs started being introduced! I don't remember exactly what number Bomber was to come out, but he was maybe number 4. I'm glad Rosalie didn't have to wait too long to meet him.

Rosalie and Bomber

Then next chunk of time was spent just getting to know Bomber. We helped Rosalie give him tons of treats. This is to tell him that good things come from her. It is one way to help Bomber and Rosalie bond.

Then Jeremy talked some more, but I don't remember what he said. :-) He did introduce other staff members at this time.

We had a picnic at the playground at 4 Paws for lunch. We were feeling pretty comfortable so we took Bomber outside with us.

After lunch, we worked on basic obedience. We worked on sit, down, free, prolonged sit, prolonged down, both prolonged sit and down while we moved around the dog, and free walk (less strict than heel, which we learn tomorrow). Bomber did great! At first, he didn't like the Gentle Leader he was wearing. The trainers told us that part of the reason the dogs are so resistant is that they are testing us. They hope we, as new people, will take if off of them.

Bomber = Big Doggy Pillow!
This part of the day was a ton of fun too. Part of me wanted to take Bomber home to the hotel with us so we could practice some more. But it is much better for him to get used to us a little more gradually. It probably is for us, too. :-)

The best part of the day? When Bomber was "free" while we were working obedience, he went up to Rosalie and shoved his face in her lap to snuggle. He didn't do this to anyone else today.

All in all, we are tired but looking forward to another day!


PS I feel like this is a little more "list-ish" than I normally write, but that speaks to how tired I am.

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