Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Day Before (and the week before)

I know I promised some more blog posts than I have been getting out. We have had quite the week traveling by car from Seattle to Dayton. We've visited with friends in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We had rainy picnics (every. single. one.), flat tires, lightening storms, fevers, and check engine lights. We've also had nice mild weather not above 80, national park visits, water park fun, tried lots of restaurants, watched a little Disney Channel, and generally had some good family time. (You can check out Rosalie's facebook page if you want a little more day by day updates on our trip out here.)

At Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
Last Wednesday, while visiting our good friends in Wisconsin (Wiscotland according to Malachi), we got the email with our match for Rosalie! He is a beautiful Goldendoodle named Bomber. He'll be one year old on Sept 22. This is his letter to Rosalie.
Dear Rosalie,
My name is Bomber and I am a white golden-doodle from the Aerocraft litter. I was born Sept 22nd 2012 and I'm already a pretty tall boy! My mom, Enya is a big golden retriever and my dad, Zeke is a silver standard poodle. I've been working very hard to get ready for you! I even went to college! I spent a semester at Wright State University with two fosters who loved me se much! My favorite toy is a squeaky tennis ball. I love to get hugs and cuddle. I especially love to lay my head in your lap! Will you let me snuggle with you? Please hurry I can't wait to meet you, Rosalie!
XOXO your boy,
I can hardly believe we actually get to meet Bomber tomorrow! We have waited so long for this day.

Rosalie seems to be excited. She keeps trying to say his name. It comes out as Bomb. This is a little confusing because they way she says Bomb and the way she says Mom are quite similar.

Rosalie excited over Bomber!
We've had a great couple of days dreaming about Bomber. Bomber's foster, Jacob, has been really great. He friended us on Facebook right after we got our match email. (He actually tried to friend us a day or so before we got our match. But Corey and I didn't know who he was so we didn't accept his friendship.) Right after we got our email, Jacob asked us if we were ready for pictures. He then sent over 100 photos of Bomber for us! (You can see a few of those on Rosalie's Facebook page.)

Jacob and Bomber

Ever since then, he has been more than willing to answer questions about Bomber. We went to Petsmart today for Rosalie to pick out a toy for Bomber. While we were there, I had a ton of questions pop up. Virginia started messaging with Jacob for us while we shopped. He was able to answer all sorts of questions about Bomber's preferences like whether he would like a dog bed or not and what his favorite flavor of treat is. Jacob even wants to get together with us for dinner later in the week. We are very excited about that.

We feel very blessed to have Jacob have been Bomber's foster. He has made a lot of effort to help us out. Some of the other families haven't even heard from their fosters and are even having a hard time tracking them down.

We are excited that Bomber is from the Aerocraft litter. This is the puppy litter that I looked at last fall and knew that they were the youngest dogs we could have. His litter mates have names like Boeing, Sputnik, Echo, Skylark, Zulu, Jinx, and Banshee.

Baby Bomber
One funny, random thing I have been wondering about is how we are ever going to fly on a plane with a dog with the name Bomber? Oh well, at least we drove this time. :-)

Until tomorrow,


  1. The excitement radiating off Rosalie about her dog in that picture is amazing! Today should be amazing for all of you I hope and just the start of many great days for Rosalie and "Bomb". Best wishes to all of you!

  2. "how we are ever going to fly on a plane with a dog with the name Bomber" LOL!!!